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About the project


T1 - Creation of the Internet Platform “LeNetEco”


LeNetEco education web-page to raise awareness and collective knowledge of environmental activities


e-Map of Environmental Monitoring which will include the pollution information of the rivers in the BSB region


Guidelines -
“How to use the LeNetEco platform"

T2 - Development of the training program


Good practice guide the implementation of environmental training programs


Training course for target groups


Implemented training courses

T3 - Joint Environmental Research


A joint international group for the exchange of knowledge and the development of environmental monitoring in the BSB countries



The overall purpose of the LenetEco project Communication and Visibility plan is to contribute to the efficient implementation of the BSB programme initiative by ensuring that information concerning the Programme, its objectives, results and achievements is presented correctly and shared with appropriate audiences on a timely basis and by the most effective means. Importantly, it will also help ensure the ongoing sustainability of LenetEco project as an important approach for training for the informal economy.


  • Raise the awareness of the LenetEco project initiative to harness support from partners, in-countries key stakeholders and global actors active in the environmental sector;
  • Raise awareness about the objectives of the LenetEco project and BSB 2014-2020 programme among the beneficiary population in order to attract a wide number of beneficiaries;
  • Communicate widely the role of ecology monitoring in the Black sea Basin between local target groups, NGOs etc.;
  • Inform (in-country and global) stakeholders of the progress and impact achievements of the  LenetEco project and BSB programme and encourage the uptake of the approach and curricula, which were developed within LenetEco project in HEIs and schools;
  • Responsible partner - Agency of Sustainable Development and European Integration "Lower Danube" Euroregion.

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